Rotary distributor supplies the pressure oil to rotating & swiveling installation. These are used when one or more fixtures or elements have to be supplied with Hydraulic Power on the jigs mounted on Rotary tables.

Rotary distributor will have one input & several outputs - like 1x4,6 or 8 outputs or 2 inputs & 2 x 4,6 or 8 outputs - or 4/6 inputs & multiples of 4/6 x 4/6, or 8 outputs. These distributors are designed to work at pressures upto 250 bar & at small rotary speeds of 3 to 5 RPM, flow not to exceed 4 ltrs/min.

Input lines are connected via external valving to pressure lines, return lines or even pneumatic pressure lines. Thus the external valves control the Hydraulic clamping elements on the jig either to clamp the work piece or de-clamp the work piece. The unutilised ports are to be plugged.

Rotary distributor is generally mounted above the rotary table using suitable support at the center of gyration of the installation. In special designs of Rotary table, if the table permits, the rotary distributor can be mounted below the table.

  • Max. Operating pressure 200 bar.
  • Can be used for single/double acting applications.
  • Nominal Bore Nb5.
  • Special Designs with ports reconfigured to suit Customer requirements also can be designed, developed and supplied.
  • Ordering specification for seal kit. Add prefix "SK" to the model Number.
  1. The oil must be clean use 25 mfiltration.
  2. Mounting of the Rotary distributor should be coaxial with respect to rotary table. The top support strip used for rotation prevention of the central rotor should have a float so that side forces/side loading are not generated.
   Model No. Connections
Inputs Outputs
  V31201 2 2x4
  V31202 2 2x6
  V31203 2 2x8
  V31301 4 4x4
  V31302 4 4x6
  V31303 4 4x8
All dimensions in mm.   
Specifications subject to improvements.   

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V31201 | V31202 | V31203 | V31301 | V31302 | V31303