Rotary Valves are used on continuous rotary and indexing table for a sequential clamping and declamping operation, on a number of fixtures that are mounted on the Rotary Table. These Valves are generally meant to work at low rotating speeds upto 3 to
5 RPM.

These Rotary valves helps the component loading /unloading and clamping / de-clamping on Rotary Table - at loading station- manually, when rest of the stations are engaged for machining. De-clamping takes place at the loading station only. These rotary valves can be used in single/double acting applications. Clamping/ de-clamping circuitary can be interlocked with Machine tool operations, with regard to work table forward / retract operations.

  • Max. Operating pressure 200 bar.
  • Can be used for single/double acting applications.
  • Nominal Bore Nb5.
  • Model No V 21201 to V 21203 is for Single Acting Cyl.
  • Model No V 21301 to V 21303 is for Double Acting Cyl.
  • Custom built special rotary valves can also be supplied.
  • Ordering specification for seal kit. Add prefix "SK" to the model Number.
  1. The oil must be clean use 25 mfiltration.
  2. Mounting of the Rotary Valve should be coaxial with respect to rotary table. The top support strip used for rotation prevention of the central rotor should have a float so that side forces/side loading are not generated.
   No. of Stations Model No.
For D/A cylinder For S/A cylinder
  4 V21201 V21301
  6 V21202 V21302
  8 V21203 V21303
All dimensions in mm.   
Specifications subject to improvements.   

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V21301 | V21302 | V21303