1. Compact and Self contained design allows for ease of installation.


Oil to Oil Booster intensifies low oil pressure in the clamping circuit to high pressure with a ratio 1:4. The principle of pressure amplification is by the use of differential areas. Once the circuit is filled with oil a built in shuttle valve activates the booster to amplify the pressure and hold the clamping pressure. The booster self compensates for small leakages.

When the oil is filled completely in the clamping circuit the booster takes over to supply intensified high pressure oil to the circuit. As the volume is low, it must be ensured that the filling pressures are low initially before the booster starts working. If not a separate sequence valve to be used in the booster circuit.


  1. Max. outlet pressure bar : 400
  2. Max. inlet pressure bar : 100
  3. Pressure intensification ratio : 1:4
  4. Oil discharge cc. Max. : 30
  5. Flow rate : 4 to 5 LPM


Ordering specification for seal kit. Add prefix "SK" to the model Number.
Do not exceed maximum allowable inlet pressure.

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