1. Compact and Self contained design allows for ease of installation.


These compact power packs are designed as a source of power for the clamping arrangements of jigs & fixtures.

Four models are available. They are selected based on the requirement of the clamping circuits. The power unit consists of pump motor arrangements and a relief valve to limit the max. Pressure and a pressure switch to signal the system at the set pressures. The unit also has a return line filter. Two models have radial piston pumps & two models have gear pumps. By suitable valving, it can be used for single acting clamping system or double acting clamping systems.


  1. Modular construction.
  2. Easily adaptable for Jig / Fixture & clamping system.
  1. Custom built Power Packs can also be supplied to suit customer requirement.
  2. Recommended oil Servo System HLP 32, Servo System HLP 46 of Indian Oil or equivalent.
    1. Oil should be replaced every 500 working hours to ensure long life.
    2. Change filters when changing Oil or 4 times a year whichever comes first.
    3. Output flow rates should be matched to hydraulic Components used in the system.

    All dimensions in mm.   

    Model No. Flow rate l/m Operating
    Pressure bar
    Power kW Pump Pump
      P31101 1.5 250 1.1 Radial Piston 30
      P31102 2.5 250 1.5 Radial Piston 30
      P31103 4.8 140 1.5 Gear 30
      P31104 6.8 100 1.5 Gear 30
    Specifications subject to improvements.