Air to Oil Boosters & Oil to Oil Boosters


We at Quicloc have two solutions to achieve boosted pressure for applications requiring higher pressures without having to use high pressure circuits and sources. In addition these booster can also be used for activating a group of cylinders as well. The solutions we offer are air to air booster and air to oil boosters. Air to oil boosters enable amplification of pressure, by converting low input air pressure to high oil pressure.

For example, a group of single acting actuators used for clamping benefit from this booster to receive intensified pressure with one stroke powered by air.

The output oil pressure can be adjusted by changing the input air pressure. It should be noted that the oil consumption of the clamping cylinders should be around 60 to 70% of oil output from the booster to have reserve oil available in the booster.

Another design parameter to be considered for booster circuits is the usage of suitable throttle and bypass check valves in order to support the high speeds achieved by the booster.


Ordering specification for seal kit. Add prefix "SK" to the model Number.
All dimensions in mm.   
  Model No.: Foot Mounting P11301
  Flange Mounting P11305 P11306 P11307 P11308
  Ratio 1:58 1:37 1:22 1:14
  Oil output cc 63 98 160 250
  Max. Air Pressure bar 4 5 7 7
Specifications subject to improvement.s   

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  1. Higher pressure output.
  2. 4 - Intensification ratios.
  3. Built-in oil sump.
  4. Light weight & Compact design.
  5. Flange / Foot Mountings.

Refer general design notes before selection & use.


Refer general design notes before selection & use.

It is important to fill the oil into the complete system, tubes and clamping cylinders before starting the system. The system will have trapped air which results in malfunctioning of the system. All the trapped air must be bleeded by keeping the bleeding screws or respective hydraulic fittings loose and suppling low pressure air (under 1 bar) into oil tank(reservoir). (Air bubbles occupies the top most level in the system). Air bubbles out of the system & when no more air leaks through the bleed points, tighten the bleed points. Fill the oil into tank to top it up.

It is preferable to keep the booster slightly below clamping cylinders. Air always occupies top most point in the system and air should be bled from that spot.

Bleeding of all the air entrapped in the system is very important for booster applications because of the limited volume output of the booster. Now operate the system via Booster and check functions under low pressure and then gradually raise the pressure to reach system working pressure.

During final installation, the booster should be above the level of clamping cylinders or actuators, this can automatically purge air from the system, if air tries to leak into the system.


Conversion of general purpose machine into semi-automatic machine. Operator to load component and press two hand switch. After full cycle only, unload machined component and load fresh component. 2 to 3 machines can be operated by one operator for Low -Cost automation. For further details on Low-Cost automation contact Quicloc.