Pallet Decoupler System in India


  1. Extremely compact for positioning and fixturing.
  2. Fine positioning and convenient installation.


Pallet decoupler block or disconnector block is a solution to keep the components under pressure or under clamped condition even when they are disconnected from the main hydraulic power source. This is possible with two different types of concepts viz.Zero leak valve & accumulator combination and taper wedge lock, which maintains the clamping hold continuously. This is especially practical for applications such as multi pallet machining centers and rotating fixtures where the fluid lines connections are not feasible. In addition, the Pallet decoupler system in India is also equipped with a relief valve to regulate the pressure in the system, a pressure gauge to view the pressure in the block and couplings to manually connect and disconnect the block with the hydraulic power source. There is a 3/2 way valve which enables fill, maintain and release operations.


  • Connect the hydraulic power source hose to the pallet decoupler block via the connector couplings.
  • Using the manual connector valve enable pressure fill.
  • Once the pressure stabilizes after temperature change fluctuations, chose the maintain option to maintain the pressure in the block.
  • Disconnect hydraulic power hose using decouplers.
  • After work piece is clamped deenergizes clamp solenoid on power pack.
  • When trying to declamp use the release option to release the pressure in the block.
Caution: Make sure there are no chips and dirt accumulating at the connector couplings in order to prevent damage and contamination.
  1. Do not operate manual connector valve to open when power pack is disconnected at this position pressure will lock on to quick connector check valves by the pressure of the accumulator.
  2. In this situation it will not be possible to reconnect the hoses. If this situation takes place the pressure can be released by loosening of the Quick connector couplings on the block.
Specifications and Dimensions subject to change..   
PART No. Gas precharge
  D62302 50 Bar 75 cc 4 mm 4-6 l/m G1/4" G1/4"
New Product under improvement.   

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