Quality as Commitment

To take a leadership role in the national as well as international quality competition Quicloc feels obliged to a continuous process of improvements. Thereby the high quality of the processes and products is always guaranteed even with continuously changing demands on the market. Certification as per DIN EN ISO 9001:2008 guarantees the compliance with standard guidelines.Very soon in future we will be honour with CE Marking certificates.

In addition it is a stated objective to make the products and services of Quicloc an established idea of quality. This will be a long-term guarantee that Quicloc will offer efficient and economic products and will contribute to a considerable extent to the success of its customers.

Responsibility for the Environment

Beside the guaranteed compliance with all rules, the continuous improvement of the system for environment management is always in the focus of all attention.

Thereby Quicloc copes with its responsibility as a producing industrial enterprise of the environment and makes an active contribution to the conservation of a clean environment.