To clamp quick, safe and economically with hydraulics are the advantages realized in the designs of Quicloc products. Quicloc has now released press die-changing and clamping systems. These are used to position and clamp die sets. Our categories for punch and die clamps are:

1. Selection of Hydraulic clamps for die sets

  • P11.05 Hydraulic Piston Clamps
  • P11.07 Hydraulic Lever Clamps

2. Selection of lifting rollers

  • P11.09 Hydraulic Lift Roller
  • P11.11 Spring Lift Roller
  • P11.13 Pre Roller

3. Selection of Pneumo Hydraulic Power Pack

  • P11.14 Pneumo Hydraulic Power Pack

These punch and die clamps are available for sale online using our email address or online enquiry form found on this website. Or simply contact us through the telephone number available in the Contact section of the website for more information on our products.

QUICLOC was established in 1990 and specialize in providing press automation. Our Quick Die Change Systems work with various mold / die clamping systems for automatic punch presses, injection mold machines, die cast machines, piercing and die clamping systems.

QUICLOC is specialised in giving total solution for press tool change automation with full range of products such as T slot clamps for both upper die and lower die plate, Air liquid pump / Hydraulic pump with full controls and safety of operation, Die lifters, Die arm, Die cart etc., so that customer can get single point automation solution for quick die change system. Advantages of QUICLOC Quick Die clamp system are as follows: Reduced tool change time thus increased productivity, 100% safety & failsafe in operation. Please contact us if you want to buy Hydraulic Clamps in India.