The work support plunger is in the retracted position initially. Permitting horizontal loading of the work piece on to the fixture. When pressure is applied the plunger advances to the work piece applying light spring pressure on to the work piece. As the hydraulic pressure increases the plunger is locked. When the pressure is released, the internal parts breath via vent. The internal thread on the plunger is used for additional work support buttons. The bolt hole to be plugged when not used.

  • Min. Operating Pressure 50 bar.
  • Max. Operating Pressure 250 bar.
  • Work support force @ 150 bar 6000 N.
  • Spring force should not be used for lifting the work piece.
  • Refer General Design notes before selection & use.
  • Spring force acting on Plunger 20 - 45 N.
  • Ordering specification for seal kit. Add prefix "SK" to the model Number.
  1. Support force should be greater than Clamping force.
  2. Support force should be at least 150% of Clamping force.
  3. Do not apply eccentric Load. Clamping force must be directly over the support point.
  4. If there is a risk of cutting coolants being sucked via air vents the same to be avoided by connecting air vent. The other end of which is placed in a safer position.
All dimensions in mm.   
  Model No. J12201
  Plunger Dia mm 40
  Plunger stroke mm 12
  Oil displacement @ full stroke cm3 6cc
  Max. Flow rate Cm /sec 60
  Port Size G 1/8"
Specifications subject to improvements.   

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